FallTech 8595A Roofers Kit, Harness, Lanyard/Rope Grab, Lifeline, Anchor

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ROOFER'S KITS 8595A Roofers Kits

7016 Harness; 8150 Vertical Lifeline, 8368 Shock Absorbing Lanyard with Trailing Grab; 7410 Roof Anchor.

CONTRACTOR 7016 Standard, Non-belted

1 Back D-ring; Tongue Buckle Legs and Mating Buckle Chest.

  • 5 points of adjustment (chest, legs and torso)
  • Torso keeper for stowing idle lanyard connector
  • Paired mating buckle adjusters on front torso.


5/8" Premium Polyester Rope; with 1 Snap Hook and Braid-end.

  • 3-strand construction provides low elongation and durability
  • Abrasion, UV and chemical resistant for long life

ROPE GRAB SETS 8368 Rope Grab Lanyard Set

Single Leg; ViewPack™; with Self-Tracking Rope Grab; 1 Snap Hook; For 5/8" Rope.

  • Integral energy absorber and rope grab set
  • Self-tracking design provides ease of vertical movement on a rope lifeline
  • Locks onto the rope lifeline at the onset of a fall event

ROOFING 7410 Temporary Reusable Anchor

Reusable, Hinged Roof Anchor with Heavy Duty D-ring; Includes Nails

  • Heavy-duty alloy steel plates and D-ring
  • Reusable when attached with screws
  • Holes marked for use with either nails or screws
  • Hinged design conforms to most roof peaks