FallTech Residential Roofers Kit 8595RA, Harness, Lifeline, Lanyard/Grab, Anchor

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FallTech 8595RA Roofers Kit with Carrying Bag

Convenient carry kit by FallTech with the essential roofer safety items like harness, lanyard, rope grab, lifeline and anchor point. Perfect budget conscious kit to protect every member of your crew. If you're looking for wholesale roofers kits, then select the option for multiples of 5. 

If you're just looking to do your own roof repair and replace some shingles, make your spouse happy by taking this extra little step to make them feel better... even though you know what you're doing.


Features and Specs:

  • #7016 CONTRACTOR Full Body Harness, Standard, Non-belted construction with 1 Back D-ring,Tongue Buckle Legs and Mating Buckle Chest
  • #8150 50' Vertical lifeline constructed with 3-strand- 8,500 lb polyester rope and provides low elongation and durability
  • Abrasion, UV and chemical resistant for long life
  • Features PVC shrink tubing to protect the connection.
  • #8368 Rope grab lanyard set-Single Leg; ViewPack™; with Self-Tracking Rope Grab; 1 Snap Hook; For 5/8" Rope.
  • #7410 Hinged, re-usable anchor can be mounted with 12 #14 x 3½' screws or 20 16d nails.
  • Fits any roof peak and can be mounted perfectly flat.
  • Also includes our #5007LP bag for convenient storage.
  • Meets the requirements of OSHA 1926.