IronCat 5500 Aluminized Welding Pad, Heat Reflective, 10 Pack

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IRONCAT West Chester 5500

Ironcat® Welding Hand Heat Reflective Pad (10 Pack)/Metallic welding glove cover

Protects the back of welder’s glove from weld spatter and high radiant heat. Helps you to weld longer when exposed to high radiant heat. Double layer protection, aluminized on top and a high temperature glass fabric on the bottom. Provides good mobility for gloved hand. Kevlar® and Elastic Sewn and riveted straps for added durability.


  • Increases the life of your gloves < If you're buying a lot of gloves GET THESE!
  • Double layer protection
  • Elastic and Kevlar® strap
  • Non-asbestos-aluminized