Carpenters Gloves, 86550 Ironcat, Heavy Duty, Goat Skin, 3pk

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These are nice gloves. The Iron Cat 8000 will make you look like one of the bosses that visits the job site. You know who I'm talking about; the guy in the 3 button polo and pleated chinos wearing a pristine pair of Wolverines.

Picture him now?

Yeah, these gloves scream, "I might be doing heavy duty stuff, so gimme the best gloves you've got". They are nice, tho.

They're made from goatskin, which has more natural lanolin than cowhide (think oils), which makes these here gloves silky.(full stop) Smooth. Goatskin has more stretch than cowhide too, so they're gonna mold to your hand better which just feels good after awhile. 

Goatskin is more lightweight but just as durable as comparable cowhide. The lightweight leather, together with the breathable stretchy back, make the IronCat 8000 ideal summer gloves with great feel. 

The dude in the chinos may only wear them once, but you're gonna be tossing 2X12's and walking top plates wearing these day after day. You deserve a breathable, form fitting glove with great tactile feel in the fingers. 

These are those gloves. 

They're awesome gloves, but you're gonna wear them out. Just like any glove. That's why you're buying three pair; you're going to like them, so you don't have to turn around and buy another pair.

Yes, these will last you longer than the gas station versions but the real value added is the comfort. If gloves aren't comfortable you won't wear them. You're even going to enjoy the smell of these gloves. Get a second 3 pack to keep in your t-shirt drawer so your shirts smell like rich leather. Yeah.


Here's the manufacturer's 2 cents:


Heavy Duty Grain Goatskin glove is a natural fitting glove for general duty tasks. It features split patch reinforcements on the palm and thumb saddle as well as reinforced fingertips for increased protection.


  • Flexible form-fitting stretch spandex back
  • Adjustable hook and loop wrist for the perfect fit and feel
  • Reinforced palm and fingertips


  • Carpentry
  • Landscaping
  • Ranching and Equipment operation