Mechanics Gloves-89300 Extreme Work Multi PurpX, Touchscreen, Pair

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 The Extreme Work MultiPurpX™ 89300 By West Chester Gear is a great all around utility glove. Intended for light to medium duty tasks, this glove includes lots of features that make doing chores a breeze.

They're super comfortable and with the capacitive touch pointer finger, you wont ever have to take them off when you wife calls. When you do finally take them off, the elastic wrist lets you pull them off with ease instead of having to unbuckle them. 


  • 4-Way Stretch – Fabric on the back of hand stretches in all directions for flexibility, breathability and extreme comfort,
  • Flexible Fit Fingers – hourglass shape reduces bunching around the bend of the fingers, enhancing comfort and reducing hand fatigue,
  • Notched Index Finger – Material cutout reduces the “bulge” and makes bending your finger more comfortable,
  • Print-Reinforced Spandex – Rubberized pattern “printed” on spandex to strengthen the fingertips,
  • Reinforced Thumb Saddle – Double layer strengthens this vulnerable wear point,
  • Slip-On Cuff – Easy on and off,
  • Sweat Wipe – Terry cloth wipe on the back of the thumb makes it easy to wipe away sweat and grime,
  • Tough-X™ Suede Palm – Performance material lasts up to 5x longer than traditional synthetics and is fast drying,
  • XTouch™ Index Finger – Touchscreen on index finger