Leather Impact Gloves, Hvo2555, Waterproof, Hi-Viz, 12 pair

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So the manufacturer information on this item 'says' it has ANSI compliant reflective material but it you can find it, let us know. OTHERWISE, these are fantastic leather impact gloves. They're made from a high quality smooth grain pig skin leather that feels amazing. 

The back of the hand features a bright orange material and neon green impact protection points that will compliment your hi-visibility program. 

The West Chester HVO2555 should be part of an entire hi-visibility rain ensemble. The whole glove is made waterproof with a sewn in liner.



  • Positherm lined
  • Hi-vis green TPR's and extra TPR in between the thumb and BOH
  • Waterproof
  • Fluorescent orange polyester back