Wonder Grip Neo WG-1857 Nitrile Coated Nylon Microfiber Light Duty Glove 12PK

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“Wonder Grip® Neo” is our futuristic model with microfiber knitting, a single nitrile coating, and 18-gauge nylon. These gloves are thinner and softer than traditional nitrile gloves. “Wonder Grip® Neo” is designed and developed as a breathable glove with mixed spandex; consequently, they provide the feel of bare hands. “Wonder Grip® Neo” allows such tasks as typing on a keyboard or handwriting.
“Wonder Grip® neo” provides an excellent grip, and tactile sensitivity for precision handling of small components. Manufactured to more closely follow the natural curvature of of the hand, these gloves offer the perfect fit with a high degree of comfort and breathability.
EN388:2003- 4131

Allows for a controlled grip in wet or oily applications.
Light duty glove that allows for precision handling of small components as well as typing and hand writing. 

Coating: Nitrile single palm coating
Liner: 18 Gauge / Microfiber Nylon
PACKAGING 12 pairs / Plastic bag with a user manual
144 pairs / Carton