West Chester 9916 Goat Skin, A7 Cut Resistant Driver Glove, Pair

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West Chester 9916 Goat Skin, A7 Cut Resistant Driver Glove With Back Of The Hand Impact Protection

The West Chester 9916 glove is made from goatskin with a higher tensile strength than cow leather. This safety glove will dramatically reduce the occurrence of hand injuries from a variety of causes. The ANSI A7 palm liner takes 4,000 - 4,999 grams of weight to cut through.

The supple goatskin of the 9916 provides an inherent puncture resistance from blunt probes similar to a pencil or nail. The most prominent feature of this glove is the 5MM impact resistant TPR on the back of the hand. The hi-viz green color serves to provide additional hand awareness as well as improved visibility for applications requiring the use of hand signals to communicate. 


  • ANSI A7 cut lining on the palm side of the glove
  • ANSI 4 Puncture
  • Premium goat grain glove
  • Hi-vis green 5MM TPR
  • EN388 3544
  • Hook and loop closure

COLOR DETAIL Hi-vis green TPR is similar to Pantone 374U, and blue is Pantone 19-4245 TPX Imperial Blue



CUFF STYLE Hook And Loop Closure

TEST STANDARDS  ANSI Puncture 4 ANSI A7 cut EN388 3544